10464069_10204262904917032_8086710734931199046_nHey there. I’m Dana, a Minneapolis-based writer and editor with a passion for music, a penchant for thrift-store shopping and a never-ending recipe repertoire. I love the beach, brunch, classic country music—think Waylon and Dolly—and, as you can see, Fleetwood Mac and hoop earrings.

Here’s my story: I specialize in music, health/wellness, travel, business, beauty and food content. I’m currently an editor at an in-flight magazine (no, not SkyMall—although that would be fun.) I’ve worked as an editor in many respects (web, copy, managing, senior, executive, in-chief), freelance writer and content strategy and marketing consultant, as well as dabbling in food styling, recipe development and graphic design. There’s also my time as a concert promoter, radio DJ and music director—and let’s not forget my illustrious career in food service. Seriously though, no one should ever forget their time in food service. It’s where we learn the most important life lessons.

Whether I’m reporting, writing, editing, whipping up a service package or recipe, coordinating a social media plan or knee-deep in research or content strategy, my goal is to create—and to help others create—outstanding, authentic content that lives up to my insanely perfectionist standards, but first and foremost is invaluable and unforgettable to the reader.

A few places you can find my byline: Mpls.St.Paul, Minnesota Monthly, CityLab, Delta SKY, Brit+Co, Hello Glow, Oh My Veggies, METRO (RIP), Minnesota Meetings + Events.

Oh, and I’m thrilled that my first book, First Man in Black: Link Wray, will be out in 2018 via Bazillion Points. Stay tuned for updates on that here.